card game

Futurama Sex

The gameplay of thsi hentai parody is based on renowned memory card game but it is going to be far more joy to play when you are going to see your favourite characters fromTV series"Futurama" performing a lot of onaughty thinsg with one another! As it was said in this game you will be attempting to clear the field from all cards. Ofcourse you will have to figure or rember where each card has its pair because they will be liquidated. In some rounds that the rules might slightly switch though. For examply you may need to find two but three cards, you will need to do it during different thresholds of time. For each round that you won you will get a prize - one more manga porn parody picture from in-game gallery will be unlocked for you to enjoy it!

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MrPinku Halloween Special

Mr Pinku seems to enjoy Halloween just as much as you can differently could he even attempted to earn a unique scene to celebrate it? But even when you're not such big of a devotee of the Halloween night you are able to play with this game for one more reason - this you may meed Jill Valentine and her surprising buddy form a set of videogames called"Resident Evil". And it seems that you're likely to enjoy this game if you're a devotee of the two halloween and RE games. In terms of the game itself you will join jill and her friend in a story telling contest. Stories here will probably be informed thru a system of guessing cards so you're likely to get through a great deal of joy, hot and scary moments with a lot of surprises! For other anime porn parodies on"Resident Evil" you can always go to our site.

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