Desire and Submission Ep. 1

This game is for everyone who enjoys to play hentai games in fancy hit entourage of ancient european castles but with sexy chicks of modern days. Meet Alancy. She is main hero of the game and she's one sexy redhead who just married Florian (the Count of Malfort by the way!) . From now on she will live in his castle and the game will begin with her arrival here. But briefly she will figure out thet the Count has put some principles for life at the castle, and enforces them with the support of damian's overseer Martin and mysterious youthful girl Li-Ann. Discover the personalities that live in castle and participate in the education of Alancy, her training from ways of pleasure and the battle inbetween love, want and subjugation. Game is made out of use of animated 3 dimensional models scenes and models.

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