Dream Job Season 2: Episode 2

It seems like this is not the best aspect of the hero's lifetime... or can this is his opportunity to finally attempt to find the job of their dreams? You will see this out from new part of fairly popular game show' episode 2: Time to find a brand new dream job! As it was noted earlier our hero was terminated from his previous occupation. He even had to assist bar woner and bar maiden together with their private issues to get at least the place to stay for a night (in case you interested in what exactly issues these ladies had and the way our guy has helped them then you need to play the first incident before continuing to perform this one!) . Despite the fact that this place is not exactly a five-star hotle this man really ought to be grateful and only then he won't need to sleep that night alone... If you enjoy dialogue quests with real sensual versions then you likely already playing this game!

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