dorm room

Holio – U – 2

There's a new gal in the dorm as well as her name is Molly. Therefore, if you always dreamed of fucking and seducing red-haired student who wears glasses and looks both nersy and whorish at the same time then knock into her door right now. Adter that you will have to choose one of three pickup phrase and don't leave behind that on;y one of them is decent while her may cool down about you to increase her interest in you. Thus don't leave behind to keep in mind who she is and what her interests are through the rest of the game. Suggestion for you here: Shakespear is liked by her and she is obviously from Scotland areas. Also you will need to find the items in her area but that is only if she will like you enough to let you. But if you will handle this part of the game as well she will have no other choice left then to have hot hookup with you.

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