League of Pussy V.02 Saving Jinx

"League of Pussy" is really a series of hentai paordy games based on top-down rpg mechanics. You combat with enemies, will be explroing the Earth, locate artifacts etc with one purpose - to locate and save Jinx. If you remeber Jinx is just 1 skinny and a bit mad chick from"League of Legends" videogame who certainly has plenty of admirers all over the world and if you're one of these (or if that woman is onlyyour kind) then you should not waste any more time - just pick two of avaialble weapons, and learn how to work with potions and magic and begin your trip. In the future story, sex scenes and overal gameplay features might be improved but even now you can already take part. And don't forget to check other game sform this series with different characters!

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