lesson of passion

Passion Hotel

This night you ar egoing to invest in"Passion Hotel" here you'll be following teh story of just two main characters who find this location as the only one in which they can break away their normal lives and preference for sexual enlivenment. But you won't be simply following the story. At some points you will have to make a decision what our heroes will say or do and it will one way or the other affect the end which can be goingt to six in total. Meet personalities, make choice, pay attention to main character's disposition and enjoy well made 3D scenes (such as erotic ones) - in other words do every thing which you usually do in interactive adventures from"Lesson of Passion" series and also for what we all know and love these games. Or may be you will play thes egames for teh very first time? Then keep noticed that we have lots of them onto our website!

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