Nurse for a New Year

Ofcourse it is bad to have into hospital because of some dumb misfortune. And it's even worse if such thing occurs at vacation season. However, this game will showcase you that even in this terrible means of occasions something good still are available. For instance at this hospital you may fulfill uber-cute looing nurse that will like you so much she will even let one to fuck her and call it a distinctive care process! Is not that a miracle? It's! Ofcourse she won't suck your trunk straight from the begin. First you are going to have a talk and you nicer be fine with her. Word after word and ultimately you will talk her into providing you a oral job... and who knows - may be this will not be her sole bounty to you with this great night! More games regarding sexy physicians you can always discover on our site!

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Exposing sexy Alicia

This sexy looking dame is named Alicia. But no matte rhow sexy she looks that will not sve her out of a unusual and quite uncommon sort of disease. This is one of the diseases that will induce her to stop by a doc one day. And guess what? Now is the day! And guess who is going to be the doctor? That is correct - you are the doc! So after having a nice chatting with your really sexy nurse assistant you will meet Alicia in your office and attempt to find out what can it be wrong with her. And do not be surprised if all of this trip will become threesome at a certain stage - that is a game from"Lesson of Passion" string after all! And if you have loved this game and would like to play more games just like it then elementary visit our site - then there are more games of the same along with other genres!

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