Red riding hood

Lil’ Red Hood Blowjob

Would you need to understand what happened following Red Riding Hood wath saved from Big Bad Wolf by woodsmen? Then you need to play this game! What occurred is that Red Hood (who happens to be really curvy blondie within this model) turned out to have a debt to get woodsmen and didn't have some other means to pay off it than... using her unbelievable oral job gift! Well, looks like woodsmen doesn't mind to find a blowage rather than money now so the game begins. The game is created as string of revived minigames with new options unlocking as the sensual enjoyment meter gets taller upward. A couple of forearms stroking, gobbling, kittling and sucking Red Riding Hood is pretty skillfull when it comes to hammering dicks! 1 way or the other she's gonna make all of these three big men to offer her all of their cum!

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