Crash Landing Part 1

Crash landing on some unknown world might really never to be as awful as it seems... well at least in this manga porn game it is not. Not only your character will succesfully survive the crash but also won't need to look fo rany help - he gets discovered by some chick that is alien briefly after that. And if you believed that on that you are out of your luck then think once again - in exhcange for help that alien chick (fairly sexy looking even when you aren't into alien chicks whatsoever) demands only 1 thing - that she would like to suck your own bone! May be she has some second thoughts or some villanious program about what to do with your dna samples but this is something which we will find out just at part two (if it will be released) - as for part one then here all you will need to do is to love the blow-job!

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