slutty mcslut

Sex Kitten: School 2!

Kept you waitinghuh? Originally commenced in August 24, 2017 - stupid IRL shit hap-aaahhh nope, you're not here to listen to me bitch about that. You're here to have a fantastic time playing the latest entry in a classic old-school series, so nicer late than not - the crazy team at Forkheads proudly presents... Sex Kitten: School 2! Within this mad vignette of YOUR FUCKED UP LIFE, after getting a fuckload of money and deep-throating it onto some candy loot, you find yourself intellectually challenged to this stage you are unable to even make use of the fancy TV as well as the media centre you splurged on! Your girlfriend, Slutty McSlut, in a disturbingly genre-savvy minute, liberally enrolls you into a local school so as to acquire your IQ straight back to normal levels. Do you have what it takes to sustain in an all-girls high school full of bloodthirsty hentai cuties and return home prior to this marathon of Hentai Heaven begins on Channel XXX? Warning: No cheating. She will know. This game is 6.1Mb

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Sex Kitten: Eastern Rampage!

It has been a quiet time in the tropical island in which you've been living for some time... until one day - the carefree days come to a grinding halt as McSlut has run out of money! So as to prevent going into debt, she looks up an old buddy at South Korea and you tag and the biz excursion of a lifetime! In the backwoods tropical village at the Bermuda, you end up in a different wacky intercourse kitten escapade in the heart of the Big City of Seoul! But it won't be a walk in the park - a fresh enemy has emerged, determined to prevent you along with McSlut dead in their tracks! Will you have the ability to wheel and deal, sneak and fast-talk your way to payday? Nicely, willya?! Document size is 6.65Mb. PS: Can you discover the supah secret Slutty McSlut OC manga porn?

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